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Moving Tips

Affordable Moving & Storage of Orange County is pleased to offer these tips to help make your next move worry-free. (Click here for printer friendly PDF)


When packing, be sure to consider where your items will be located in your new home. To make the unpacking process easier after your move, arrange items in boxes specifically for “kitchen,” “bathroom,” etc. Here are some other items to consider while packing:

Everyday dishes should be individually wrapped with packing paper before placing into boxes. Figurines, crystal, china and other extremely fragile items should be bubble wrapped individually.
Use 1.5 cu. ft. boxes for books, dishes, DVDs, breakables, and other small, but heavy items. Your move will be more efficient if you have these items in 20 small boxes rather than 10 larger, heavier boxes. In addition, small boxes reduce damages from excess weight on your fragiles.
3.0 cu. ft. boxes should be used to pack clothing and other large, but light items.
Wardrobe boxes are perfect to move hanging items directly from one closet to another while still on the hangers. They can also be used for shoes, bedding, and miscellaneous light items.
Mirror/picture cartons protect your glass items such as mirrors, frames, and tabletops. These special cartons can be customized to fit any sized piece.
All of these items can be purchased and delivered for your move by visiting our BOXES & SUPPLIES page. We also offer full-service packing for a worry-free move.

On Moving Day

Here are some helpful hints for an efficient moving experience:

Be fully packed, organized, and ready to go when your movers arrive.
If possible, make arrangements for children and pets for safety and efficiency purposes.
Make sure all pathways are clear of clutter or obstructions.
Disassemble large furniture such as beds and desks. Unplug all electronics and wrap the cords. Doing this before your movers arrive will save you time. If this is not possible, we will be happy to take care of this for you.
Label or tag all boxes on the top and sides. Write which room they will be located in your new home and note fragile items.
Once the moving truck is loaded, be sure to double check that nothing was left behind in closets, cabinets, and drawers.
Have a clear plan of where you would like your boxes and furniture placed in your new home.

Enjoy your new home!

Don’t forget to:

Have your utilities disconnected the day after your move-out.
Arrange to connect your utilities (lights, gas, cable, phone, etc.) the day before your scheduled move-in day.
Provide family and friends with your new address and phone number.
Get change of address cards from your local post office.
Check with your school to transfer your children’s school records.
Change your address for magazine subscriptions, credit cards, and other bills (don’t forget annual bills like DMV renewals, car insurance payments, etc).
Transfer all current prescriptions to your new local pharmacy.
Discontinue and/or make arrangements to transfer services such as gardeners and housekeepers as well as gym memberships.
If in an apartment, turn in your keys after your move.

Client Reviews

I had a small amount of heavy furniture to move from one city in orange county to another. I didn't want to do it myself. I hired these guys and they did an excellent job. They showed up on time, efficiently move my stuff, and delivered it to my destination. I would highly recommend them.

Dawn B., Tustin, CA
OC Movers have helped me move twice now. Both times they have given me excellent service. They work very quickly even though they are paid by the hour, the price is fair, and my property was treated with care. Two moves with no scratches on the walls, no dings to my furniture, and nothing lost or broken. It doesn't get much better than that.

Candace T., Tustin, CA